Madeline Beckett, '[in][af]finite', 2013, mixed-media-performance-installation, dimentions-vairable






‘[in][af]finite’: a participatory performance held at the COFA Annual Exhibition in November 2013.

Audience members are individually invited into the space between two long steel structures enclosed by a malleable clear-vinyl surface. Inhabiting each of these structures are two identically constructed performers: both in long grey dresses with wireless cameras fixed into their hair. The cameras stream live to a large projection on the opposing gallery walls, capturing performer perspectives of the participants who, upon entry, are given permission to touch the surface of the plastic. The performers follow a very simple, almost ritualistic, process: maintain eye contact with each other until interruption via participant entering the space; maintain eye contact and touch if instigated by participant; always maintain paint on the hands; once the participant leaves, return to the tank entrance and repeat. The accumulation of touch, like the bruising of a piece of fruit, slowly obstructs the visibility of the performers and allows the participant to experiment with a degree of shared authorship in the visual development of the work.