Hourglass Extended [an Affinity with Infinity]







‘Hourglass Extended [An Affinity with Infinity]’: a participatory performance installation held at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus in 2012.

Audience members are individually fitted with a wireless camera head unit that transmits and splits the live feed between a ring of twenty-two old television sets. Inside this ring of televisions is a hexagonally shaped performance tank with wooden frames and a stretched clear vinyl surface, encasing the artist. The artist also wears a wireless camera head unit, which is transmitted to a large projection on the back wall of the exhibition space for the benefit of the non-participating audience. The space between the television screens and the performance tank forms a circular passageway for the participant to follow as they each encounter and control the infinity of the televisions’ visual feedback loop, as well as an intimate touch-based connection between themselves and the artist, who plots their movements with the generous application of black paint against the inner surfaces of the performance tank. This immersive and involving situation was driven by the energy of audience curiosity, the division between organic and machine simulated modes of communication, as well as the hyper-intensity of the ephemeral performance space.